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Fishing in the New Forest and the Avon Valley

fishing in the avon valley

Fishing in or around the New Forest is very attractive to Fishermen of all ages.

I am going to list a number of venues and contact details but as I am not a fisherman myself (although I had a taster day with Fish Wives and landed a beautiful Trout at Holbury Lakes)

Fishing in and around The New Forest and The Avon Valley

The best people to contact for all your fishy inquiries and for quality tackle.whatever your Fishing interests is  The Avon Angling Centre  with friendly and accurate information you need go no further. Contact Andy or Martine Browne

You will find the shop at 31 West Street, Ringwood, Hampshire. BH24 1DY

Telephone 01425 461038 or 07957 867122

Fordingbridge on the River Avon

For a day of River Fishing on the River Avon at Fordingbridge, so beautiful, you will need to see the gentleman at the Kiosk by the park with your fishing licence. The cost for a days fishing is £5 and £2.50 for a concession. For more information you can email nige@riversidekiosk.co.uk

To fish the various stretches of the Avon from Ringwood to Christchurch you will need to contact Martine at  Avon Angling  as above.

For the younger fishermen have a look at  Moores Valley

Then for the lakes nearby.

Witherington Farm Fishery, Barford Lane, Downton. 4 disabled friendly lakes.

Orchard Lakes, New Milton.

Hordle Lakes, New Milton.

Hatchett Pond. Please contact The Forestry Commission.

You could always borrow a fishing net from us and try and catch a tiddler from the Hucklesbrook that runs through the Old Orchard at Hucklesbrook Farm, New Forest Holiday Cottages. Sometimes it is just a trickle but other days it is full and fast, so be careful.

hucklesbrook at new forest holiday cottages

The Kingfisher has a home on the banks of our stretch of the Hucklesbrook